New Press

How it all began . . .

In 2014, my son and I decided to start printing shirts as a hobby. We thought it would be cool to be able to print shirts for friends and people we knew with businesses, especially once I  heard how much shops were charging just for simple designs.

I worked as a screen printer for 3 years at a company called Body Graphics when I first got out of school in the 80's and knew what it took to start the business.

After months of research and buying equipment here and there, we finally were able to start printing. Little did we know how much we would enjoy printing products for people who otherwise couldn't afford to have apparel created at other shops. 

We created apparel for small businesses, bands, bars, schools, churches, and just people wanting a design that they always wanted on a shirt. And we were able to provide this at very reasonable prices.

Most of our business comes from "referrals" from previous clients. After all, our advertising is your apparel.


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